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Communicating its mission to help children and families facing medical challenges.

Project Sunshine is a non-profit organization that provides free educational, recreational and social programs to children and families facing medical challenges.

Project Sunshine
Volunteer Spotlight - Feature Story and Archive

Since 2008, Red Cape Media has provided online marketing and web design expertise to support the organization’s communication efforts. We have focused on increasing web site traffic through a combination of content marketing techniques, user experience refinements and analysis of site traffic on a quarterly basis. When activity began to decrease, we formulated a bi–weekly Volunteer Spotlight series featuring Project Sunshine Chapters from across the country. Previews of this content would be featured on the homepage and volunteer landing page, leading into a full story. An archive of all spotlights was also created. The regular update of content gave users a reason to return to the web site and also provided greater insight into the volunteer experience. Additionally, Project Sunshine staff could leverage this content to promote the organization on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Project Sunshine
Press Event, Sunshine Bracelet

Red Cape Media has also been there for the unexpected. When New York Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner hit a home run while wearing a Project Sunshine bracelet. Red Cape Media quickly revised the homepage format to call attention to the story. We then created a link from the Project Sunshine homepage to a new "Shine Bracelet" landing page including links to press and how to purchase the bracelet. Project Sunshine was able to capitalize on the abundance of positive press the story received, increase in web site traffic that was soon to follow and sell hundreds of bracelets online.

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