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Strengthening an online community through monthly communications.

3DVIA Shape was a free 3D modeling software for beginners offered by Dassault Systemes. Product enthusiasts actively posted files, displayed 3D models and discussed their work with others on 3DVIA.com, a modeling community site. When activity began to decline, Red Cape Media was asked help boost participation.

3DVIA Shape
3DVIA Shape Product Page and Newsletter with integration of member content.

Working with the 3DVIA Shape Community Manager, we developed and facilitated the publishing of a monthly newsletter to engage users. Our strategy was to spotlight member work and provide instruction on frequently used features. All newsletter content directed recipients back to the 3DVIA.com web site, to increase activity and discussion. The 3DVIA Shape product marketing page was also redesigned to incorporate featured member content, promote the newsletter and direct traffic to modeling pages. Over 10 months, the newsletter averaged an open–rate of 47% per issue. List segmentation efforts allowed us to increase open–rates by 340% The newsletter also contributed to 385 additional downloads of 3DVIA Shape.

3DVIA Shape
Tutorial content created and provided by 3DVIA Shape Community Manager

After several publications, recipients were surveyed to improve the newsletter experience. The general consensus amongst was a desire for more in–depth tutorials on product features. An original, themed tutorial series was created where users would be guided from basic to advanced features all within a medieval setting. Each tutorial would build upon the last until finally an entire kingdom was modeled. A brief overview of the lesson was included in the newsletter linking back to the full tutorial, thus increasing site activity. The series became the most trafficked 3DVIA.com content and helped generate an additional 1,226 click–throughs to the web site.

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