Red Cape Media is a consultancy based in Andover, Massachusetts. Our design and marketing expertise is applied to the creation, facilitation and improvement of online applications and communications. We work to ensure customer experiences are consistent, engaging and simple across desktop and mobile devices.

The company was founded by Eric Kachel, an 18–year veteran of the interactive design industry. Eric witnessed the evolution of Internet technology first hand working on projects for Dassault Systemes, EnerNOC, Everest Poker, Jordan's Furniture, Pearson Education, Rue La La and SmartBargains.com.

From web sites, email marketing and banner ads to blogging, social media and web applications — digital communication platforms became abundant. With the introduction of each new tool, companies scrambled to build their online audience. The competition and pace for customer attention quickly grew fierce. Organizations of all sizes faced the same growing pains while attracting customers:

  • Faciliating communications on a regularity basis
  • Ensuring their brand was presented consistently across all platforms
  • Tracking activity, analyzing data and leveraging information to improve efforts

Fortune 500's used their resources to build mutiple teams that could address each aspect of creating these tools. It allowed them to produce at a faster rate and pull ahead of their smaller competitors. Eric knew that in order for these companies to compete, they would need someone who could provide them the same high level of expertise and insight.